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Vsevolod Kryukov
Vsevolod Kryukov

Devo Ke Dev Mahadev Serial

Absolutely beautiful!!! DKDM will remain with me always. I have throughly enjoyed every aspect of this series. I have NOT seen any thing so beautifully done,My compliments to the whole DKDM team. Most outstanding other than Mahadev, I would like to mention de devotion of Nandi, out outstanding!! to see him get down on all fours at the feet of his Prabhu, absolutely fantastic!! This series has uplifted my sprits when i was down, and has brought real joy in my life. Thank you all soooooooooo much, my heart full greetings to You all. Kind Regards U.S.

Devo Ke Dev Mahadev Serial

in last few years many serials are made on religious themes. but i always cherished the memories of ramayana by ramanand sagar and mahabharta by b.r. chopra. these two serial had gone very deep in my consciousness. they were well directed, starcast was amazing and it seems everything was perfect in these serials. nothing is perfect in nature but for a child heart it is. when i saw these two serials i was a small kid. so the impact of these serials went very deep in the heart of a small child.

the star cast in devon ke dev mahadev serial is amazing. when you see the character of shiva then i feel he is not an actor but lord shiva himself. the character of vishnu is satvic and graceful. the characters of shiva, vishnu, nandi, dattichi, moon, ma parvati, dakhsa prajapati (played by dronacharya of mahabharta) are played very brilliantly.

the only complaint, i had against this serial is that the goddess dresses could have been more conservative. i think the directors are much inspired by the mahabharta and they have given the same type of dresses to characters as used in mahabharta. the role played by yudishtra in mahabharta is playing the role of himalaya (father of parvati ma) in this serial. otherwise the directors have done a excellent job in terms of dressing style of characters, dialog delivery, set preparation, special effects and content. they have actually spent lot of money and time in preparing good sets for the scenes. background music is also excellent.

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