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Hannah Montana - Season 2

The second season of Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel from April 23, 2007 to October 12, 2008. Production of the season began in November 2006, and ended in September 2007. During this season, Miley and Lilly fight more, Oliver gets an alibi to hang out with Hannah Montana, and Miley grows closer to Oliver.

Hannah Montana - Season 2

"I Want You to Want Me... to Go to Florida" features the ballad "Ready, Set, Don't Go" by Billy Ray Cyrus. It details his feelings concerning his daughter Miley's move to Los Angeles to star in Hannah Montana, while he stayed behind in Nashville. The episode also features the song "If Cupid Had a Heart", by Julie Griffin, and written by Gordon Pogoda. Mikayla (Selena Gomez), lip-syncs it in the episode. A soundtrack for the season featuring 10 songs sung by Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana was released on June 26, 2007.

The second, Wish Gone Amiss Weekend DVD, which was released November 27, 2007, features the "When You Wish You Were the Star" episode and a Hannah Montana bonus "I Wish I May, I Wish I Might: A Guide to Making Wishes" hosted by Jason Earles. The Volume 4: One in a Million DVD which released January 29, 2008, includes four episodes of Hannah Montana. "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On", "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas", "I Will Always Loathe You" and "That's What Friends Are For?" were included in the DVD. The DVD also features a That's So Raven episode "Run Raven Run", "Come Feud with Me" - the top 10 Disney Channel feuds, as well as the "One in a Million" and "True Friend" music videos. In Australia, following the release of the Complete First Season on DVD in November, Season 2: Part 1 and Season 2: Part 2 were released soon after. In part one, episodes 1-15 were included, while remaining episodes 16-29 were released in part 2. On the case, there are images from the episode "No Sugar, Sugar", but the episode was not released on the disc. A full season collection was released on November 25, 2009.

Season 2 started with a week of 5 new episodes. The average ratings for the 5 new episodes were 3.7 million viewers.Season 2 had several special episodes and marathons. The first special was "Achy Jakey Heart", in which Miley revealed her secret to Jake Ryan (Cody Linley). The second special, "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas", which guest starred the Jonas Brothers, was aired with the premiere of High School Musical 2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appeared in "Don't Stop 'Til You Get the Phone" as part of the Rock Block, which seen him guest-star in episodes of Hannah Montana and Cory in the House as a promotion for Disney's film The Game Plan. "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" aired in a week-long Disney Channel event "Sweet Niblets, We're Related?". In 3 episodes this season, Hannah Montana wins an award.

During the production of the first season of Hannah Montana, Cyrus commented that "right now we're just all really focused on making Hannah Montana the show as good as it can be, but hopefully in the future there may be a Hannah Montana soundtrack [or] a Miley Cyrus album."[4] The series itself premiered through the Disney Channel on March 24, 2006, and became an immediate commercial success; with 5.4 million viewers, the pilot episode earned the channel the highest ratings in its history at the time.[5] The following month, it was reported that an accompanying soundtrack and Cyrus' debut studio album had both begun production, the latter of which was scheduled to be released in early 2007.[6] The first soundtrack Hannah Montana (2006) debuted at number one with first-week sales of 286,000 copies,[7] becoming the first television soundtrack to debut in the peak position of the chart.[8]

In the series, Cyrus portrays the character Miley Stewart, a teenager who lives the secret double life as the pop star Hannah Montana. She stated that "most songs for the first season reflect the show, with Miley or Hannah making sure the other doesn't get caught or whatever," opining that the tracks provided series producers with the opportunity to "make sure that everyone understood the characters". By comparison, Cyrus described material used during the second season as "more speaking out to the fans."[9] Heather Phares from AllMusic described Cyrus' vocals on her personal tracks as being "lower and throatier" with "more organic and rock-oriented" instrumentation.[10]

For season two, the only major changes were the addition of Moises Arias as a cast member and the clips of season 2 included with season 1 clips of the cast member shown and causes the scene of the switch from Miley to Hannah Montana in the middle of the theme song has deleted. Stage and features episode clips of each cast member when each cast member's name appears. Each cast member's name is "wiped" on the screen in a marquee-light-style. Moises Arias becomes a regular cast member for season 2. The sequence then switches to full-screen episode clips. Season 2 clips were used for the second season (Some season one clips are put in). The creator's names appear in the last clip. The show's title logo design appears at the beginning, and again at the end, of the sequence

The show follows a group of students at East High, the real life school where the High School Musical franchise was filmed. The first season focused on the students putting on a production of High School Musical, but in its second season expanded beyond its meta title. The upcoming season will deviate from the previous format, moving the action from the hallways of East High to Camp Shallow Lake. In a first-look clip released alongside the announcement, we see the campers find out that they will be putting on a production of Frozen, the news given by HSM alumni Corbin Bleu. The clip also provides the first look at Disney Channel alumni Jason Earles (Hannah Montana) as camp counsellor Dewey.

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