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T-Pain - Epiphany: The Album that Changed the Music Industry with Auto-Tune - Full Album Zip Stream and Download

The Tallahassee rapper-turned-singer's second album features guest appearances by his mentor, Akon, as well as Yung Joc, who accompanies T-Pain on the album's first single, the stripped-down, seductive "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')."

T-Pain-Epiphany full album zip

The discography of T-Pain, an American rapper and singer, consists of six studio albums, one compilation album, one soundtrack album, one instrumental album, seven mixtapes, 21 singles and nineteen music videos.

On December 6, 2005, his debut studio album Rappa Ternt Sanga debuted at number 33 on the US Billboard 200. Both singles, "I'm Sprung" and "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)", peaked in the top ten on the US Billboard Hot 100. After that, he collaborated with fellow rapper E-40 and singer Kandi Burruss on the single "U and Dat", which peaked at number 13 in the United States. In 2007, his second album, titled Epiphany (2007), debuted at number 1 in the United States. The lead single "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')" peaked at number 1 in the United States, the follow-up single "Bartender" peaked at number 5, and "Church" was released as the album's third single. During 2007, T-Pain made several guest appearances on songs by other performing artists, the most commercially successful of these being "Low" by Flo Rida, which peaked at number 1 in the United States and on several national singles charts worldwide.

In November 2008, T-Pain released his third studio album, Three Ringz which debuted at number 4 in the United States. Three singles were released from the album: "Chopped 'n' Skrewed", "Can't Believe It", and "Freeze". In 2008, T-Pain appeared on several other singles by other performing artists, including "Got Money" by Lil Wayne, "The Boss" by Rick Ross, and "One More Drink" by Ludacris. T-Pain's fourth studio album, Revolver, was released in December 2011. The album was preceded by the release of the promotional singles "Take Your Shirt Off", "Reverse Cowgirl", and "Rap Song", as well as the single "Booty Wurk (One Cheek at a Time)", which attained mixed success on worldwide charts. On May 4, 2011, T-Pain released a mixtape, PrEVOLVEr, in promotion of the album. The first official single from Revolver was "Best Love Song", which features Chris Brown. The album's second single was "5 O'Clock", which features Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen. The album's third single was "Turn All the Lights On", which features Ne-Yo.

Faheem Rasheed Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and streamer. His debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, was released in 2005. In 2007, T-Pain released his second album Epiphany, which reached number one on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Vanna moved forward on a light foot. "Willingly, reverend fathers," saidshe. "He is a fine child, they all say, and reputed the image of his[Pg 28]father." A sublime utterance, full of humoursome matter, if it had beena time for humours.

On the evening of the day of the Translation[Pg 39] of the Peach-stone, thistavern was full to suffocation. Stefano, the purple-faced host, in shirtand breeches, stood dealing the liquor from a tub. Two outlaws lay underthe benches, partly for fear of a visit from the watch, partly because,having already fallen there once, they feared to fall there again ifthey rose. In one hand each held his knife, in the other his empty mug.Two ladies, intimates of theirs, Robaccia and Crucciacorda, satimmediately above them, with petticoats ready to make ambush the momenta staff should rattle at the door; round the table half a dozen shabbyrogues bickered over their cards; Picagente, the hairy brigand, laysnoring across the threshold, and his dog on him; on a barrel in acorner a gigantic shepherd in leather, with bandaged legs and a patchover one eye, shut the other eye while he roared a hymn to Bacchus atthe top stretch of his lungs. The oil-lamp flickered, flared, andgloomed, half drowned in the fumes of wine. A smell of wicked bodies,foul clothes, drink, and bad language made the air well-nigh solid. Thehour was at the stroke of ten; outside the streets seemed asleep.

Thus exhorted, Fra Battista, becomingly tonsured, delicately combed,with an aspect most meek and hands at a pretty droop, came demurely outof the friars' door into the full light of the chancel. To the bishop hebowed, to the altar he bent a knee, to his father in religion he bentboth, to the hush in the nave he cast a glance of wistful appeal. It wastruly aimed. They could see nothing of his face, nothing but the shapeof[Pg 60] him, yet the women were sure he made a wistful appeal. Many wereaffected; the anxiety to hear him was intense, the squeezing fearful. Anenormous fish-seller from the Lago di Garda, who had come in express,leaned over La Testolina and ground a braized heel into her toes."Achi!" whimpered the little laundress; but "Snakes of Purgatory!"said the other, "what's a toe more or less when Madonna is round thecorner with a blessing for us in her maunch?"

Verona rubbed its eyes as it came out yawning to its daily work. Therewas the open shop, ever the first in the street; there the padrone;there, by the manger of Bethlehem, were the padrona and the baby, whomthey had last seen huddling from their stones. Vanna wore her coloursthat morning; she was rosy like the dawn, she was smiling, she had verybright eyes. But there was a happy greeting for man or wife who lookedher way; and when La Testolina came peeping to behold the discomfitureof Baldassare, Vanna's gay looks found her out, and "Buon'[Pg 66] giorno, LaTestolina," came more cheerfully from her than it had come from herhusband on the bridge. All the little woman could do was to squat uponthe threshold at her friend's feet and pretend that she was troubledwith spasms.

Padua is a city set in meadows full of light; it is well spaced,plentifully watered, arcaded, green with gardens. The streets are likecloister-walks; as in Lucca, the plane is the sacred tree, and next tothat flag of green on a silver staff, the poplar shows the city blushfulin the spring and thrilling all a summer with the memory. It is a placeof brick and marble, painted orange, brown, yellow, and warm white,where every cornerstone and every twig is printed sharply on a sky ofmorning blue.

Annina came on the morrow full of secrecy and other things moreequivocal still in appearance. Her burden proved, however, to be abundle of rags which, she assured Ippolita, represented all that wasnecessary to the perfect goatherd.

"Ah, I will do all that you wish," sighed Alessandro. "Sacred lady, Iwill do it. But surely you will have pity upon a humble slave who hasserved you long and faithfully, and now is putting himself in peril foryour pleasure. Pay me my poor fee, lady. Enrich me boundlessly with whatcosts you so little."

There was no withstanding the popular voice; the Nonesi went mad to be aDuchy, with Molly for Duchess. Amilcare might be thrown in. Theybesieged the Bagnacavallo Cortile; they wrote sonnets and madrigals,and sang them day in, day out. Amilcare, acting with admirablediscretion, kept very much to himself; he sent his beautiful wife on tothe balcony twice a day to be saluted, and (more sparingly) let her workfor him among the higher sort with her lips, her blushes, and herfriendly grey eyes. He was humble in the Council, sober beneath theheaped-up honours of the popular voice, stern only with his mercenaries.A fortnight of this swept him to the top of his hopes. A deputation,with a laurel crown and the title of Dux in a casket, waited upon him.He had expected it for a week, and carefully dragooned his Molly.

Amilcare looked, as one might idly glance at a shrew-mouse in the path.He saw a brown body pitifully lean, a shock black head, a pair ofpiercing grey eyes. Further, he saw that the child had not on a stitchof clothing, and that he was splashed to the knees with drying blood.

Well, at last Amilcare saw what Grifone had seen from the first, the madresults which might be won by a truth-telling Duchess. The Nonesi didattack. Bentivoglio, of course, not expecting them, was scattered overthe maize fields, and[Pg 170] never collected his force again until his ownterritory was reached. That was why he could not help the Lady of Forlì."Per Bacco," said Grifone to himself, "truth in Italy is soused in themud at the well's bottom; in England it seems to lie in a pan. Thispretty creature is as shallow as a crystal cup, where you may studyTruth, like a blue jewel, in an inch of water." He went aboutthoughtfully the rest of that day. This new-discovered quality ofMolly's was a thing very beautiful in his eyes. The conclusion he cameto was that he was about to fall in love with the lady. "And that, afterall," was his comment, "might not be a bad thing, if (as is probable) itbecome necessary to make her my consort." Then he went happily to sleep.

Directly supper was done she hunted for the[Pg 174] Secretary. The affair hadby now throbbed itself into a question of her physical ease. Herheartstrings were at a dangerous stretch, she quivering at the point oftears. Master Grifone, for his part, had taken very good care that theDuke of Nona should be occupied, and himself not hard to find. Mollycame upon him in a gallery of arras; caught him crouching there with hisface hidden in his hands. She went to him at once, full of the troublehe showed her, sat by him, put her arm round his neck, and tried to drawhis head up. Grifone turned her a white, miserable face.

And so he had. Molly kept his secret, honoured it, honoured him. Shecame by tortuous ways of her hoodblind heart to glory and exult in both;nor had she the wit to discern how or by what stealthy degrees the painand longing she pitied in him grew to be more pitiable in herself. Shewatched him wonderfully in those crowded days of court life whichfollowed, and when she was blinded by her tears, held him as a martyrwho, for her sake, lay quivering under the knife. It shows the length ofher road, that she was never aware how much more in her sight he wasthan Amilcare, the man of her election. Amilcare, it is true, wasgreatly occupied: one cannot be a duke for nothing. Not home affairsonly (though discontent was never far off) called him from home: thetimes were full of the shock of alarms; thrones toppled; there wererumours of moving hosts beyond the Alps. Cesare, the flame-colouredBorgia, was still meditating his kingdom in Romagna; already the Lady ofForlì was flogging her sulky lieges into some sort of action for[Pg 178] herdefence. Now, Nona lay dead in the Borgia's way, and unless the Borgiacould be hoodwinked again as he had been hoodwinked before, Nona neednot cease to be a Duchy, but Amilcare would cease to be a Duke. Nowonder the man was a lacklove just now. He intended to play Molly forhis great stake; meantime he must be more of a duke than he was,recognised as such by other powers, by dukes firmly rooted, by grudgingrepublics, or tyrants in thin veils.


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