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Intel 5000x Chipset Driver Download BETTER

my Dell Precision 690 is working fine with Windows 7. But I can't control my fan speeds. So I think it is because the Intel chipset drivers are not installed. I only have the Microsoft standard drivers.

Intel 5000x Chipset Driver Download

OK This should get you rolling because according to the device manager your chipsets look like they are functioning correctly. You need to point speedfan to the chipset. click configure -> advanced -> click the drop down box for the "chip" -> look and see if you see intel smbus and this is where it should allow you to configure your fans to be configured manually or to what ever zone that you want the temp to refer to for the fan speed. Let me know how it works out.

I agree that the system is compatible with windows 7 operating system, but the web page is not having the drivers for windows 7 operating system.To download the driver for windows 7 operating system for the entire hardware component, you need to go to the individual hardware manufactures website and download them separately.

If you could not find the exact driver for your hardware device or you aren't sure which driver is right one, we have a program that will detect your hardware specifications and identify the correct driver for your needs. Please click here to download.

The Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility installs the Windows* INF files. The INF files inform the operating system how to properly configure the chipset for specific functionality, such as USB and core PCI.This download is intended for use with Intel Desktop Boards.

I downloaded that, extracted it on to the USB, and plugged it in. Ran the windows install, hit load driver, and POOF now it shows a compatible driver. I loaded the driver and now all my drives showed up.

Worked for me, thank you! Did download and unpack this "F6flpy-x64 (Intel VMD).zip" on second usb drive. Then i'm just opened it while on windows installation page and have installed driver, after which ssd showed up.

The Intel graphics driver is part of the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver package, which is installed on all Ubuntu systems by default. And since it isn't a proprietary driver package, it doesn't show up in jockey (aka the Hardware Drivers application).

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