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The data shows thousands of instances of threats including Trojans, malware, infostealers, spyware, keyloggers, and more, inside files claiming to be one of the below-mentioned films that received top nominations:

Download File Top-Gun-Maverick-2022-1080p-WEB-D...


Tar files containing the stolen documents that it created are located either in "\\Windows\\system\\wsystem.vx" or in "\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\wsystem.vx" and are sent by the spyware via email.

A widespread malware found in download portals delivers a persistent malicious extension. While the Trojan file comes in the shape of a pirated movie download, it only installs malware and does not install any movies. It achieves persistence by writing to the appinit_dlls registry key - the file path of the malicious DLL that it drops to the temp folder. With appinit_dlls the DLL will be loaded to all processes that load the user32.dll.

It then executes cmd.exe to run the "install.bat" script which adds persistence using the appinit_dlls registry keys. This loads the malicious DLL that was also dropped to its execution folder %userprofile%\appdata\local\windowsapp\ext.dll.

For example, we have witnessed malware hiding in the files mentioned above:subtitle triangle.of.sadness.2022.1080p.webdl....exesubtitle everything everywhere all at once banshees of inisherin (2022) [1080p] [webrip] [5.1] []\download-subtitle_pllqcy0y.exe

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One of the interesting things about these documents is that I filed requests with the Marine Corps, Navy, DOD and other military branches. The Navy basically avoided releasing almost anything, the DOD actually sent along some useful stuff, and the Marine Corps provided an essentially unredacted version of the production assistance agreement.

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