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After we get into the actual starsector xml editor portion of the guide, we'll do a rudimentary exposition of the syntax, and show a few things you can do to get a mod to work. The information presented here should be more than enough to get you going as a modder with starsector.

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To start up, let's open a mod folder in our user directory. If you don't already have a starsector mod folder, create one. Then open up the files in the mod folder. We're gonna start in our main config file.

A Basic Starsector Ship Starsector ships are stored under a folder called shipdata in the main directory of your starsector program. In this folder, we will put a.json file for every type of ship and ship component we want to add to the game (including the actual ship we will be creating in the next few sections).

Right now, we have nothing in our ship -- we need something to do. So we're going to create a basic ship with no ship components. It is currently just a point labeled 'Perma'. Lets create a simple starsector symbol for this ship so that we can put it into game later.

Finally, press 'b' to merge the player and ship's into one sprite, then click 'c' and it will be added to your ship list. Now you can go ahead and back up the starsector folder in your game directory and replace it with the modded starsector folder.

If not, make sure you've got all the content for Starsector in the correct folders, and that you've merged them into one X-Wing folder. If your mod folder has 0 files, try deleting it and rerunning the program.


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