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Wyatt Long

Amada AP 100: A Comprehensive Software Solution for Sheet Metal Fabrication

with the software, you can not only set up the press brake for all the jobs you have in your shop, but you can also set up the software for the jobs in your shop. you can create a job set for all the parts you want to turn on your press brake, with that job set you can build up a bunch of jobs that you have for your shop.

Amada Ap 100 Free Software Download


all of the jobs in the job set can be run together on the press brake. in addition, you can set up your press brake to automatically run the job set jobs, so you dont have to remember to run the jobs. the software can also tell you how much material to punch from the sheet, so you dont have to remember to do that.

on the positive side, the press brake operates like a charm. but on the negative side, the press brake operates like a charm. so, i dont know what to think. amada hasnt even bothered to make a program that would run on the pc. i dont want to run it on my computer because it has a tendency to freeze up and i have to shut down everything just to get it to run again. and, i dont want to run it on my press brake because, for some reason, i dont want to have the press brake freezing up every time i run a job. of course, the press brake will still run the jobs, but it might not be as efficient as it could be.

most of the bends are so simple that the press brake would probably do them just fine. but, there are a few that are so complex that a press brake cannot handle. for these jobs, i always like to run them in my 3d cad program on my pc, which i can do with the software. the software will suggest the best way to bend the part, but i can edit the software as i want. since i usually have a whole bunch of parts ready to be turned, i can program the software to give me the best setup for all of them.


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