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Jinx 3 Chapter 2

The Adjudicator? The Director? Zero? Tick-Tock Man? They're going full comic book Bond on us this round. All the more reason to be catching John Wick: Chapter 3 the day it drops: May 17th, 2019. A year seems too long to wait for the (assumed) final chapter in this shoot 'em up all-timer cinematic series.

Jinx 3 Chapter 2

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Michael A. Steelehas is the writer of more than ninety books for children, ranging from junior novelizations and chapter books to early readers and preschool books. He has written four Tony Hawk: Live2Skate books and currently lives in Texas.

Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning The Park, since trash is scattered across it, Rigby finds bronze baby shoes and Mordecai finds a small, plastic, green, war soldier. After their findings, Mordecai and Rigby discover a quarter laying about. They both say the same phrase, after spotting the quarter; then Mordecai yells, "jinx!" and he erupts a punching-spree onto Rigby, shortly after Rigby responding to Mordecai's explanation on how the game worked (A montage of Rigby being punched by Mordecai is shown).

Mordecai tells Rigby there is a way to "un-jinx" himself (have someone say his name 3 times); infuriated, Rigby looks for a person to break the jinx. First, Rigby finds Benson and begins to ask him to break the jinx, but Benson interrupts him and demands him to do his job. Rigby sees Mordecai and does not talk, afterward yet Rigby begins throwing cans at Benson to make him repeat his name; but, after his third strike at Benson, Benson, instead of saying his name, has a violent outburst, roaring and screaming as throws and kicks a trash can around. Rigby yells at Benson to say his name again, but Mordecai appears behind him and punches him for talking. Rigby flees to find someone else.

Rigby finds Pops and without talking, directs him to try and say his name three times (as a form of charades). Pops cannot guess what Rigby is trying to refer to. Mordecai comes about and insults Rigby's ability to play charades, to which Pops agrees to. Rigby makes a remark on his charade skills and is punched once more by Mordecai. Pops easily realizes that Rigby has been jinxed so the latter runs off to find another to break the jinx.

Rigby comes across Hi Five Ghost, who is also jinxed as he witnesses Hi Five Ghost's consequences for talking (being punched by Muscle Man). Rigby frees Hi Five Ghost from his jinx and Hi Five Ghost travels away, forgetting to 'un-jinx' Rigby; however, Muscle Man tells Rigby a way to 'un-jinx' himself. Unbeknownst to Rigby, this was just Muscle Man pulling a mean-spirited prank. Mordecai and Skips then appear and ask Muscle Man if he knows about Rigby's whereabouts. Muscle Man explains his prank on Rigby, which appears to be an omen so Skips and Mordecai chase after Rigby.

Rigby locks himself in the park's public bathroom, cutting all the lights off, and turning on all the water faucets. The faucet's water create a mist for the mirror. Mordecai and Skips try to stop him from doing the ritual, but Rigby persists and thinks that Mordecai and Skips are just going to continue hitting him again but Mordecai seriously promises him that they won't this time, they just want him to come out of the bathroom to just break the jinx but Rigby still doesn't believe him and tells him to just break it now but Skips tells Rigby that it doesn't work that way when he's in the bathroom it only works when they're together, he just ignores the fact and continues the mirror thing but Mordecai is still warning him that Muscle Man doesn't know what he's talking about, the latter beginning to write his name as it appears backwards in another spot on the mirror. After finishing, he begins to say his name; soon, something appears in the mirror and after the third time, a demon lunges out of the mirror. He tries to slaughter Rigby with his claws, but Rigby dodges. Rigby runs into a bathroom stall, which is occupied. Rigby leaves the public bathroom and the demon slices the man out of the bathroom.

Everybody is then seen partially in their underwear, not remember what happened, earlier. Benson, who doesn't wear clothes, still remembers what he told Mordecai and Rigby to do and commands Mordecai and Rigby clean up the mess; however, Skips (not in his underwear) remembers the happening, claiming his mind as a "steel trap". Skips tells the duo not to do that again. Mordecai and Rigby say, "we won't". Rigby calls a jinx on Mordecai and begins punches him multiple times, unsuccessfully due to the former's small fists. Mordecai says he has sympathy on Rigby for his inability to full enjoy the game, due to his weak punches; feeling insulted, Rigby pokes Mordecai in the eye as the episode ends.

A very enjoyable Halloween romp. The robot's 'malfunction' messages particularly tickled me up. Looking forward to the next chapter; with the current cast assembled, it seems quite promising. On a side note, I enjoyed how the main character was never given a gender, making the game more accessible.

this game was fun, i get freaked out with games with nothing around such as submachine, submachine 2, and submachine 3, and im scared of the dark, but this game somehow, wasn't so bad! =] i played jinx 2 just now and i had fun beating it, and now i have to look for jinx 3 (in episode 2 it said to be continued)

Jinx effects could be blocked or removed by a counter-jinx[14][8] or a counter-curse,[6] and they can be prevented by an anti-jinx.[15] The former category was taught in Defence Against the Dark Arts class, while the latter was presumably part of several protective enchantments, and therefore mostly covered in Charms class.

In case of major jinx effects, like backfired and unliftable ones, wizards would have to let themselves be treated in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries or at least by any Healer or expert in the knowledge of Dark Magic.[16]

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