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Another Afternoon: How Stoner Strains Creates a Fun and Relaxing Community on YouTube

c) marketing. in order to increase the number of people who can attend your event you need to have the right marketing plan. a large part of that marketing strategy should revolve around building a successful community on youtube and other social media platforms.

another afternoon walkthrough msp youtube

viewers understand that most people dont attend events in person because they have to work. and that many people prefer to watch live events. to combat this, make sure your event is live streamed on social media. this creates a feeling of being there which is hard to replicate when watching recorded video. if you're not ready for a live stream you can use a screen grab which is a screen shot of a live event which can be saved to your project and uploaded to youtube when your event is over.

here is a list of companies that you can contact to provide a reputable voice-over or captioner for your event. i use reelcom for captioning. the reason i use them is they provide voice-overs over a webcam and their turnaround time is quick!

d) scheduling and priorities. while the event is happening schedule multiple segments that would appeal to your viewers. ask yourself if there are any topics that people want to see more of from your perspective. research is key because you are the person who has to decide which segment you should record. consider the following: facebook live, instagram stories, facebook advertising, instagram, facebook. it is important to leverage as many platforms as you can.

make sure to choose a time that will appeal to your target audience. research your target market and what time of the day is most suitable for a video. you can use multiple platforms to reach your audience. only one platform is not enough to generate sales and views.


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